Esther Drummond

Esther Drummond (Torchwood: Miracle Day)
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Esther Drummond

Esther is an innocent, in a world of assassins, liars and zealots. She got where she is with the CIA through diligence and application. Hard work keeps Esther focused but she still dreams of active duty as a field agent serving her country. The dream is going to happen faster than she thinks and in no time at all, Esther finds herself running alongside Jack, Gwen and Rex, living off the grid, gun in hand, fighting a global conspiracy against enemies ranging from big business to the state. It's a tough, brutal, hard lifestyle where survival is hard won and life-changing choices have to be made.

RP account for a Torchwood: Miracle Day character for use in Bump in the Night, Fractured Rifts RP, and Six Word Stories

I am not Alexa Havins or Esther Drummond, and claim no ownership of either, nor of Torchwood or any related media. Muse and Mun are over 18.